Production Steps

Production Steps:

The Manufacturing process at Land Spices integrates production and packaging equipment lines with exacting food engineering and safety standards. Land Spices has achieved operational efficiency with customized spice production equipment. Our engineers employ innovative methods to further clean and process spices as required by our wide array of discerning clientele. The equipments in our Factory are used to:

  • Clean
  • Mill
  • Remove Dust & Stone
  • Remove Metal and Iron filings “Metal Detector “
  • Sterilize

The above manufacturing process ensures that the product is not only clean & sterile but within the specified physical and chemical parameters.

Land Spices Co works hard to earn the trust of local and global communities by acting in a socially responsible manner. We want to create a more sustainable world, and take steps to ensure safety and reliability of our products while carefully considering the impact of our business activities on the environment. In addition, we follow strict compliance and corporate government policies. Together, these efforts serve to enhance the overall value of our company.

Food safety and security:

We have developed and upgraded quality- and sanitation-control to ensure product safety; we enforce strict quality and safety controls at every stage ofthe supply chain, from raw materials procurement and product development to production and distribution. In addition, our cross-organizational Quality Assurance Committee maintains comprehensive oversight of safety assurance.

Quality Control:

Land Spices Co pays much attention to all factors could support quality assurance achieving by using plans of Food Safety Management supported with professional allocation of machinery processing and high caliber labor. It’s applied for whole chain of production process starting with, farming, drying, sorting, processing, sampling, storing, analysis, packaging, handling and shipping. Working in clean environmental farms providing naturally built shield from pesticides residuals.

Placing our production facility in the middle of the main farm helps in linking all the production procedures smoothly from reception, all the ways through natural drying in shadow, storing, processing in isolated chambers and packing.

We are interested in conformance to specifications so the absence of defects is the major focus of our department of packing through well managed process including all technical quality control gaudiness and restricted measures have been taken according to current EU standards in food business with consideration of Hygiene rules of EU – Regulations (EC No 8522(P41).

Our strict quality control is self evident in the Pharmacopoeia results, as tests for contamination, Starting with testing of required physical analysis, we regularly apply all chemical analysis such as (pesticides, microbiology, aflatoxin,….etc.) as per current EU regulation for pesticides in case of conventional products and BNN Guidance in case organic products within EU accredited national & international labs, such as: Central Laboratory of Residue analysis of Pesticides and Heavy Metals in Food – Egypt

Quality Assurance:

Our Quality Assurance process is the most important process that complements each stage of our total supply-chain. We test our products multiple times, at every point of the supply chain to ensure the highest quality and product consistency. The Land Spices Quality Assurance program consists of a fully-integrated QC lab which is complete with testing capabilities on physical, chemical, micro/ macro-sanitary & microbiology parameters as well as Plant Sanitation and Inspection standards.

The program integrates the knowledge of our agronomists, chemists, micro-biologists, food engineers and various quality control personnel. The program involves:

  • Raw Material Quality Control
  • In-process Quality Control
  • Shipment Lot Quality Control
  • Pest Control Program
  • Plant Sanitation Program: Environmental Swab-testing

About Us

We are professional producer and exporter of diverse range of organically certified & conventional dried herbs, spices, seeds & dehydrated vegetables in Egypt

Land Spices Co was established in 2000 as a pioneer in building a direct bond between producing and exporting using the accumulation of experiences across generations in herbs cultivation.